Middle Earth Gems has been offering one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted jewelry since its creation in 2008. We strive to offer excellent quality items, and as discerning connoisseurs of beautiful jewelry, we vow to our customers that we only offer what we ourselves would wear.  Most of our items are made of .925 sterling silver and authentic semi-precious and precious gemstones; but we may also occasionally feature intriguing items crafted in copper and bronze. We work to offer jewels that are unique and distinctive - true statement pieces that are undoubtedly bold and utterly eye-catching. We cater to free-spirited, creative, artistic souls - those who are not afraid to step a bit outside the acceptable margin while magnificently adorned in tasteful and beautiful gems. 

Yes, we are Tolkien fans, so our name - Middle Earth Gems - gives a respectful nod to one of our favorite literary masters. However, we are also children of Italy, so the true source of our name in fact springs from the ancient title for the Mediterranean Sea – the Mediterra – literally translated as Middle Earth.  We hope our product line reflects the timeless spirit of the ancient civilizations and cultures that have thrived - and some that have vanished - along the shores of this mysterious and dazzling sea.

The History of Middle Earth Gems